Why SCS Midwest

When choosing a commercial appraisal review and consulting firm, it is important to choose a firm you can trust and will bring integrity to the process.  Here are some areas to consider that will ensure the process runs smoothly.

Common Reasons for Considering our Services

Integrity Based

Facilitate the appraisal review process to achieve desirable results for both lender and appraiser. Rarely are appraisal reports rejected. The communication process shows clear evidence of respect for both client and appraiser, thereby bridging the gap during the review process. All work is carried out from a place of kindness and integrity.

Human Touch

Appraisal reports are personally reviewed by a human being, each reviewer bringing years of review experience to the table.  Real people that understand your needs and care about giving you the best outcome.


Each reviewer on our panel has well over 15 years of review experience in their residential or commercial related disciplines.


Each member of the SCS Midwest team has the credentials that really matter.  Experience plus the education that makes it a win-win for you.  Each commercial reviewer has the MAI and/or the AI-GRS designation.

5-day Turnaround

We know you are busy and time is money.  At SCS Midwest we typically provide reporting to you within 5 business days.  Need it quicker, just contact us and we will fast-track your report.

Competitive Fees

The team at SCS Midwest is not only the best in the business but we also provide services that are priced on par with others in the market.  So you do not need to pay more to get more.

Multiple Reports

Do you have two appraisal reports and are unsure how to reconcile two different markets values? We can help with that – contact us today for a solution.

Solution Providers

Are you a software solution provider and need appraisal expertise when developing a tool? Contact us and we can help you further identify the scope of work, input/output requirements, and industry documentation requirements.

Why Industry Professionals Choose SCS Midwest