Frequently Asked Questions

We're a software solution provider and need help to understand nuances within the appraisal industry. How can you help?

Contact us and we can provide guidance and insight from either a remote location or in person to help jump start your development team.

Are your fees competitive?

Our fees are very competitive and dependent on the scope of work. Call or e-mail us and we can provide a fee quote immediately.

What is your typical turnaround for an appraisal review?

3 – 5 business days, but longer if there is a valuation issue that requires facilitation.

For which property types do you have experience performing commercial appraisal reviews?

All property types. (Note: some special purpose property types MAY require the location of an expert for that particular assignment)

What review format do you use?

We can use our format or tailor a format to your specific requirements.

If we are frustrated with our current appraisal review process, how can your services help?

We can offer help by bridging the gap between an issue on the lending side and an appraiser’s opinion. Often issues are quickly resolved by effective and respectful communication to both parties.

Have a question?

Just ask us and we will get you the answers you are looking for.